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OMG SEASONGINS AND FOOD PVT. LTD. has its manufacturing unit at Sangli (Maharashtra) with production capabilities for finished product in ambient conditions.
The state of art unit has automation to produce the highest quality of seasonings, instant mixes, blended spices, ready mixes and all types innovative and customize foods.
The unit can produce five matric ton various products per day. Owing to our strength in production capacity we are successful in develop new customize products, as per our customers requirement and carrying out smooth production operations and are always ready to meet extensive demands and requirements by our SAVOURY FOOD INDUSTRIES AND HORECA INDUSTRIE'S customers.

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Mission & Commitment

Our mission at OMG (Origin of Mukesh Ghose) is to deliver superior quality food products and services to our customers, offering them competitive pricing through innovation, leadership and partnership, thus exceeding the customer's expectations. As a company but on strong ethical values and customer relationship. We assure the following to our valued customers.


Our Vision

As a leading Indian provider in the ingredients market for the SAVOURY FOOD INDUSTRY AND HORECA INDUSTRIES.
OMG SEASONING'S aim is to draw on our unrivalled expertise and passion to create food solutions that deliver UNIQUE SENSORY FOOD experiences. We want to contribute to the production of food that is good in every sense of the word : delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly. Our collective vision is to offer all consumers new SENSORY FOOD EXPERIENCES and become the world leader of food solutions combining great tasting convenience and nutrition.

Through sensory food experiences

Creating sensory food experiences
Pleasure is the nexus that bonds us with our food. And for OMG SEASONING, this is the key in bringing solutions that open up a world of flavours and colours to our clients in Food Industries, HORECA Industries, Health and Nutrition sectors. We know how to provide you with bespoke solutions that fulfil the quest for food sensations that drives today’s consumers.

Inspiring with flavour sensations
Food is about pleasure, it can offer a frenzy of new tastes, textures, and originality, and bring adventure from the four corners of the world to the table. Consumers’ first pleasure is to feel, and then to share those feelings with family, friends and peers – the pleasure of people all over the world connecting and bonding through new food experiences.
At OMG SEASONINGS, our bespoke, trend-led solutions for tomorrow’s food help our clients to respond to today’s consumers’ expectations by creating savoury food products that combine taste, visual appearance, functionality and nutritional value.
Our expertise as food Engineer’s and Food Technologist, chefs, cooks and our passion for food allow us to deliver these tastes and textures into ready meals, sauces, snacks, meat and vegetarian products.
OMG Product range provides our clients with seasonings, spices and marinades for ready meals, meat, barbecues, vegetables, salads, as well as a complete set of on-trend recipes inspired by cuisines from North India, South India and Other part’s of India..

Spicing up with OMG SEASONINGS…
OMG SEASONINGS R&D division works proactively as a close partner to our clients in order to help them satisfy consumers’ interest in all forms, shapes and varieties of street food, with its vibrant array of inspirational dishes from world cuisines.
The ‘OMG SEASONING’ was developed in response to profound analysis of market trends and offers a selection of popular smoky and ‘piquant’ hot seasonings that are an ideal and popular complement to a wide array of foods, including barbecued meats and sausages.
Our Product range provides our clients with seasonings, spices and marinades for ready meals, meat, barbecues, vegetables, salads, as well as a complete set of on-trend recipes inspired by cuisines from North India, South India, other Part of India, and all across the globe.





Improving yield without compromising on taste

The perfect balance between yield and quality
At OMG SEASONINGS, we give you more for less with no compromise on quality or flavour. Our product offerings align with consumer food trends to help our clients meet the demands of an ever-changing market. We are innovating by rethinking food to bring you turnkey solutions which offer the perfect balance between yield and quality.



Convenience: an essential way of creating value for clients
One thing to have emerged very clearly from food trends over the last few years is a demand for more convenient, quick and efficient solutions in the form of meal kits, snacks, meal replacements, culinary aids and so on. Today, time is key. Chefs , professionals in the health and nutrition sector and food industry or food service professionals are also looking for partners who can provide them with trend-led food concepts and easy-to-use solutions to optimise their time and meet consumers’ needs for convenient food options. That is exactly how OMG seasoning can create value for our clients.

From saving time to buying time
Modern life can be hectic with much less time to devote to planning and preparing meals. We’re often on the lookout for a quick, fuelling food . At the same time, however, we still want our food to have that fresh, homemade quality and be a pleasurable experience.
The solution to this new paradigm: quick and convenient food options, ideal shelf-life, cooking instructions, the right size, the right format that works whatever the time of day. Foods are also higher quality, tastier and more nutritious.
This is tomorrow’s food.OMG Seasoning’s role is to assist clients with a “ready” approach.
OMG Seasoning’s Products are convenient concept with multiple benefits for food industry and food service professionals working in hotels, restaurants, Catering, supermarket chains and more.
Get back to nature with OMG’s solutions
Faced with advanced modern food production techniques, consumers crave something that seems more authentic and easier to understand. They want to feel more in control of what they eat, Minimally processed, local, organic production, sustainable food solutions, are important considerations. They believe products made this way are as close to nature as possible, healthier and therefore more valuable.
In order to anticipate the increasing demand for natural, authentic products, OMG developed a range of customised solutions for different products and applications ( Meat and Vegetarian products, Ready Mixes,Instant Mix, Seasonings etc.). to help our clients create healthy food products which avoid additives, have no artificial flavours and undergo minimal processing.
This range is made using an exclusive process inspired by traditional culinary stock-cooking methods such as roasting, braising and poaching. Containing 100% natural ingredients, it is low in salt and free from flavourings, additives, preservatives, colourings and flavour enhancers, but full of authentic, subtle flavor.
This range contains a variety of culinary aids, or pastes, created from carefully selected, premium, natural ingredients. Sign’Nature is a convenient, time-saving way to create ready-mixes , Instant Mixes, Pastes, Sauces, Seasonings and processed Foods without compromising on freshness and authenticity. It brings the taste of home-made, traditional cooking to finished products.

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